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As a Divitiae Inventor, use bots and upgrades to slice and crush your opponent, recycle resources and keep the machine of war moving.



The Divinitae are the youngest of the factions on Tellus. They have innovated and discovered ways to use deistones safely, without having to use themselves as a vessel for their power.
They believe that your value is the sum total of the assets you own. Money is a great tool for achieving power, and the plutocrats of the Divinitae's cities will have anyone believe that the path to riches is achievable by anyone, but they will do everything to ensure only the elite can possess the greatest wealth. They use empty promises to make the lower classes obey them, and they exploit the powers of nature by draining the deistones to bring their constructs to life.

Their presence has accelerated the spread of the deadlands and birthed the largest generation of Diogeni the world has ever seen.

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