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We're back!

Well there was a bit of a dark phase there where production took something of a hit due to lack of funding.

But we're back and ready to roll. The Conflict of Dreams card game beta is well underway and we just getting the artwork together, which will likely take about a year due to it being funded solely by yours truly.

I don't want to have kickstarter backers waiting for ages after they've paid before they've received their product just because they have to wait for the artwork, so I'll have the finished product ready for production when the kickstarter starts.

Artwork: Rastislav Le

Meanwhile, I've been working on the a Conflict of Dreams roleplay game to supplement the project and will be updating on its progress also.

And to my beloved 0.000026 million followers, I promise I'll start updating at least once a week with some artwork from now on.

Thank you.