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Well this week has been one of planning for the most part, talking to new artists and discussing future payment options.

The talents for the rpg are nearly done and when they are I can move onto the easy stuff, it has been tricky trying to brainstorm really fresh ideas but I think I've done quite a good job.

I'm considering posting a section of them in a month or so and see if that gets some people excited but we'll see how things go.

Art: Allon Kremer

The art is still coming in fairly steady, I'm very hopeful that the kickstarter will all be done by this time next year.

I don't want to start it until I have at least the first edition artwork all finished so that the customers have the least amount of time to wait for the product. I really want to get it to people as quickly as possible. Also, having the artwork finished means the kickstarter doesn't have to fund that part, just the actual production.