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Democracy In Action!

For those of you who voted on the sketch for the card "Deft Offensive" here's the result!

Art: Michael Gladigau

I hope you all like it.

The card game is still in the beta and we're just tweaking the last of the balancing issues.

Once satisfied, we'll be moving on to expansion design which I believe will also move swiftly.

As for the role playing game a couple things have come to my attention. Firstly it may be unwise to release it with the card game kickstarter, so it will have it's own kickstarter when it's all finished, which could be quite a while. I'd say in the best case, maybe October next year?

Secondly, it seems that there's a better way to achieve my design goals for the role playing game that I didn't realise before and as such, it is going to be restructured. There will however be plenty of updates on it for those who are interested.

Thanks for reading.