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The Kickstarter Plan!!!

Art: Rastislav Le

To put it simply there is:

The Box


4 Decks of 51 cards each

3 spare cards for each deck (12 total)

72 Chits to keep track of your resources

Padding to stop it knocking around and getting damaged

This will all be with the basic pack at £33 for backers in the UK and £38 for backers anywhere else in the world (which includes postage and packaging, this explains the change in price).

The goal will be to fund 2500 copies of the game for approximately £21,000

I have been considering something else but I don't want to promise anything so I'll keep that quiet for now.

All of the artwork and design for the basic pack will be FINISHED by the time the kickstarter starts. This is to reduce the amount of time backers have to wait by as much as possible. So no messing around and arbitrarily extending deadlines and finding new problems after everyone has already paid. Nope, when the kickstarter is finished, I get funded, I think it takes kickstarter about 3 weeks to sort that nonsense out. Then I order it immediately, I'll receive all the bits and pieces within 35-50 days from that, then I'm making daily runs to the post office until everyone has their copy (3 days within the UK and a little longer everywhere else). If I sell the approximate minimum of around 700 copies then I might just about be able to get it to everyone within 3 months of the end of the kickstarter; still a long time, but it's better than most and it's the best I can do unfortunately.

Also, you can pay £48 in the UK or £53 for anywhere else in the world to get the starting pack AND ALL OF THE STRETCH GOALS.

There will be 8 stretch goals starting from £27,000 and getting unlocked at every £5,000 after that until they are all done. each containing 27 cards including a new champion card.

Which means if you paid out for the extra and only 1 stretch goal gets funded then you only get 27 more cards, however if all of them get funded that's 216 bonus cards that you can swap out and have loads of fun creating your own unique decks.

But why £5,000 for each of these stretch goals?

Well, whereas all of the artwork will be done for the basic game, the artwork for the expansion cards will still need to be done and I've been working on this for years while working behind the till at Tesco to fund the artwork so far. This quality isn't cheap and it has been a long road.

Also, some of the £5,000 will be compensating for the increased cost of international postage as the weight of the package will increase. Plus, the cost of actually getting the cards printed and shipped to me and oh look the money is already gone.

Keep in mind that it will of course take longer to receive your kickstarter stuff if you do go for the expansion because I need to get the artwork finished, but I'll have a team of artists ready to go as soon as I launch to try and cut that waiting time down as much as possible, I'm hoping it will take no more than an additional 2 months as I will be able to pay more for faster, high quality work.

As of right now the website still only contains a little bit of the lore and not much about how the game is actually played, but this information will be provided well before the kickstarter is launched.

There will also be some limited funding rewards for those who would like a hand in designing some of their own cards, the exact details of this have not yet been set in stone.

What about the launch date? I'm aiming for the 1st of June next year, but don't hold me to it, funding the artwork is still a big deal right now and I'm working hard to achieve it. I will keep up these weekly updates.

Thank you very much for reading.

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