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Another week, and a little bit closer!

Got more artwork, woot!

Work on the expansion designs and the rpg are well underway.

As I mentioned in a previous post the rpg won't be in this kickstarter as there is no way I could get the quality I want in the time that's left, it will have to wait until 2020.

Art: Alrun Lex

However, the cards for the stretch goals are making their rounds and should be nice and balanced well before the kickstarter launches.

(Don't you just hate it when you buy a great new game that's really balanced but when you buy the expansion it just breaks it and it's no fun because it takes more away from the game than it gives).

As part of the design philosophy, I want to give real choices for players to be able to customise their decks without simply putting in the cards that just... win. Having a game that is balanced and challenging is most important and I hope it's something players will appreciate.

Again, what's in the kickstarter?

The Box


4 Decks of 51 cards each (204 total)

3 spare cards for each deck (12 total)

72 Chits to keep track of your resources

Padding to stop it knocking around and getting damaged

Postage and packaging included.

How much for the basic box set?

£33 for customers in the UK

£37 everywhere else in the world

How much for the basic box set and ALL UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS?

£48 for customers in the UK

£52 everywhere else in the world

When is the Kickstarter starting?

The 1st of June 2019

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