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Well, it's been a busy week driving across the country for people to test out the game and get some fresh opinions.

Art: Alrun Lex

It has been quite a success, all players who tried it believe that the game is pretty much 100% balanced and fun to play!

On player played the nature (Diogeni) deck and beat the martial (Emeritus) deck and then swapped them around and won again with full HP remaining.

Most players have been able to grasp the game fairly easily, making their first games about as fast as a normal game (about 20 minutes) although one individual did struggle, dragging out a game for over 2 and a half hours.... but there's always going to be someone like that, I'm not sure how that game ended but I'm glad it did.

The game's core design goals of balance and counter play have been adequately met and now it's just the journey of collecting the remaining artwork for it!

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