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Martial Prowess!

Now that all of the first edition cards are set in stone, there's very little chance that any of these cards will be changed before the release.

I have mentioned before that I intend to launch this project on kickstarter at the start of June, although set backs may cause this deadline to be pushed back by a couple of months depending on unknown factors.

Art: Allon Kremer

But this is a good opportunity to reveal some more about the actual game play.

The narrative of the game is that two champions meet and duel each other using their own styles for their own purposes.

However each of the four sides have extremely different styles and each individual champion has their own specific abilities which influence the game in their own way.

The starting Champion for the martial (Emeritus) deck is Russell Delauts:

Art: Rastislav Le

You'll start the game with this guy in play and seven cards in hand. At the start of your turn you'll pick up 3 resource tokens and draw and extra card. (The player who starts second gets 2 bonus tokens).

You'll be looking to play weapons and equipment to keep your champion healthy and to attack your opponent. The first champion card to drop to 0 HP loses the game.

Art: Allon Kremer

Each piece of equipment has it's own HP value and can be destroyed by your opponent, but you have options to either block damage with other equipment to spread damage around, or you can parry attacks with more resources to negate the damage of your opponent's attack entirely.

All attacks and other abilities cost resource tokens however, so making the right decision can be difficult under pressure.

Other cards you may have in your hand are cast cards and reaction cards, martial moves which can perform a large number of manoeuvres which can grant you great tactical advantages if played correctly. Some of these cards can grant you bonus resources if you're able to perform a certain task within the game. This allows your opponent an opportunity to counter your action instead of simply getting things for free, adding another strategic element to the flow of the game.

If you run out of resources your options will drop, and if you can get a large number of resources it can be difficult to overcome.

I'll elaborate more on the other three champions over the coming weeks! Don't forget to stay updated: