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True Power!

Expanding on last week's post I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you all about how the Sortis (Magical) deck works and show you how it is vastly different from the Emeritus deck I shared last week and how it provides different goals and something of a different gaming experience.

Art: Michael Gladigau

Once again, the narrative of the game is that two champions meet and duel each other using their own styles for their own purposes.

The champion for the Sortis deck is Magus Elfrida:

Art: Rastislav Le

You'll start the game with this champion in play and seven cards in hand. At the start of your turn you'll pick up 3 resource tokens and draw and extra card. (The player who starts second gets 2 bonus tokens).

Notice so far that the resource system works fundamentally the same way as the Emeritus deck (with the exception of various cards in the deck providing tokens if you reach certain goals but I won't go into that here); this is the same with all four types of deck so that it's possible to mix and match down the line when players want to create their own combinations.

What's so different about the Sortis deck is that it almost never has any cards in play for longer than one turn (except the champion card), and most of them are simply discarded as soon as they are used.

This was a great way to make it feel like real spell casting and it is quite satisfying when you get used to it.

"WHAT?" I hear you cry. "But how can this be balanced if all the other decks feature permanent cards in play and this one doesn't? Surely it will get crushed!"

Not quite, of course you gain the same number of resources and cards as any other deck at the start of your turn and if you do nothing you'll quickly fall behind. But the Sortis deck has a lot of opportunities to reach secondary goals described on the champion as well as other cards in order to keep drawing more and more cards and resources, keeping yourself afloat. The best defence is a good offence and if you can destroy your opponent's cards efficiently, you'll find yourself with a lead. This style play makes this deck extremely rewarding to play and is a favourite of many.

The the high risk high reward can leave you behind if you're not up to it. So try not to get too tied up.

Art: Rastislav Le