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Relentless Construction!

For several millennia the Emeritus and the Sortis fought, for their beliefs. The Emeritus believe that the use of deistones for magical purposes was a crime against nature, as using them too much causes the land to die. The Sortis believe that deistones can and must be used only by an elite, the aristocracy known as the Magi to keep the usage of deistones low and regulate them.

Art: Jeremy Carver

But one day an inventor from a small village found a way to use deistones to power machines and after using this new technology he was able to quickly expand and form a new way of thinking. A small yet powerful country arose with their own ideology.

A hundred years past and the nations of the Sortis and the Emeritus have been beaten back into truces as the cost of war is greater than it ever was before. The more the Divitiae fight, the more they win and the more they take from the planet.

Art: Jade Sky

The Divitiae champion is human, but getting to him can be a touch tricky. Obviously he uses his bots to defend himself and attack his opponents. The way this is distinct from the Diogeni deck is that bots can be upgraded with upgrade cards making them stronger in a variety of different ways.

On top of that, many of them can be discarded from your hand to grant you bonus resources, so if there's something you really want to do, you can achieve it quickly, but at the cost of your options, so if it doesn't pay off this can be quite risky.

This deck has a slightly harder time getting resources than the other decks when you don't have anything left to recycle.

The mix of high defences as well as using various tools to waste your opponent's resources makes this deck a technical delight.

Art: Jeremy Carver

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