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Force of Nature!

The last of the four great decks in this brand new card game is that of the Diogeni; Creatures imbued with natural power to manipulate animals and plants to attack their enemies.

Art: Marta Bobko

The use of deistones en masse creates large areas of deadlands, where plants die, creatures migrate away and even the stone and soil turn black. The deistream can no longer flow through those areas and they can take thousands of years to recover.

This can cause the deistream to surge momentarily through other areas and when this surges though a creature, it mutates and becomes a Diogeni.

Art: Adrich Pherigo

Plants grant bonus resources at the start of the Diogeni player's turn, defending these plants is critical to survival as you get past your opponent's early onslaught.

But when you get past certain thresholds then the advantage is yours and your high cost cards can come in to play and destroy the enemy.

Art: Julian Seifert

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