The Conflict of Dreams card game transpires in the fictional world of Tellice, a vibrant world in which our champions live.


The deistream is an intangible and almost entirely imperceptible stream of energy that flows through all life on Tellice.
It allows life to flourish and is almost as vital to life as breathing. Without it, trees can't photosynthesise and animals can't breed. It flows around like blood, ensuring the cycle of life in the land. However, as it flows through the land physical particles materialise, almost always in soil, sand or rock, but sometimes in plant life as well. This materialisation eventually forms deistones, imbued with the power of the deistream itself.

The deistream is not sentient and only flows where it can. If deistones are left alone for long enough they will dissolve again and rejoin the deistream, but if a deistone is absorbed or consumed by an animal or human, it will grant them powers over the arcane and they are able to cast a limited number of spells, depending on their power; however whenever a spell is cast that power is destroyed when the spell concludes and the energy taken from the deistream is destroyed.

When enough of these deistones are taken from an area, the trees die, the soil becomes inert and all life leaves. These areas are called the deadlands, these are like clots which the deistream cannot travel through. The deistream can slowly repair and regenerate this damage over several years, and this process can be hastened by implanting deistones in the affected area.


Laus and Sors are the deities of the two great religions of Tellice. Although there are many different nations with their own ways and customes, each nation leans towards one religion or the other; They are the Emeritus, and the Sortis.

The Emeritus follow the teachings Laus, the great bull. It is said that if one works hard enough you can earn anything by the sweat of your own brow. Freedom is preached as the advantage granted to the Emeriti, the followers of will. You path is your own and everything tha tyou need to achieve lies within the choices you make. Each region is ruled by Kings and Lords, their blood being the most worthy, but it is thought that any man or woman can achieve a title like this if they can prove themselves in the eyes of the people and on the battlefield.

The use of magic is prohibited as it is clear that it's use damages the land, it is considered unholy, and relying on it mean you lack what it takes to succeed without it. Magic users are considered weak as their dependency makes them vulnerable.

Sors is the raven, observer of fate. Whether you are highborn or low, you shall not pity your fate. From a very young age, members of many Sortis societies are tested and judged; their profession is chosen for them and to dabble in skills outside your station you are deemed to be falling short of your potential in the field that was assigned to you.

If you keep breaking from your duties to explore other trades you run the risk of being branded by the Inquisition, a branch of the Magi specifically tasked with making sure people stick to their fate.

If you are declared to be a fatebreaker, you are branded with the mark of the inquisition on your cheek or forehead and banished.

The Magi are the elite, mages chosen to be the few capable of wielding magic. With such low demand of deistones the deadlands had not been seen in over a thousand years until the Divitiae appeared. But now they're here and with a far greater number capable of using stones with their machinery, the new nation grew quickly and fighting them on the battlefield seems impossible. 


Deistones are created as the deistream sometimes get's caught by the physical world. They are a soft stone which can be easily crushed to return it to it's natural state, and cast to the wind to return to nature. If they are left alone, they will dissolve back into the deistream on their own over the course of a few weeks or months. Deistone pouches are made of a special material which greatly reduces this process, making them last years when unused and sometimes even decades.

Different deistones will have different colours upon their creation depending on the environment in which they formed; this also gives them additional properties depending on their quality and formation.

They can also be used to give mage's their power, sprinkling some of the crushed stone onto your breakfast or consumed directly will grant the recipient some arcane power which can be used in a great variety of spells.

However, it has been know for several millennia that when deistones are harvested from an area en masse, the land starts to die, plants, soil and even the rocks in an area turn dark. Animals migrate away and nothing grows in these areas as the deistream becomes unable to flow through it. These are the deadlands; uninhabitable areas where no life can survive for long. It can take decades or even centuries for the land to heal, depending on the extend of the damage.

Less than a century ago however, it was found that deistones do not need a human conduit to cast spells, machines and weaponry was invented which could utilise their potential, and thus, the Divitiae was born.