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Mercor Port Mission Report

Information we had gathered over the previous few months showed that a large amount of the deistones that Divitiae obtains, perhaps even the majority, comes from Carnutes. We decided to send a mage to Carnutes' largest port, port Mercor. We knew that such a sensitive diplomatic mission shouldn't be undertaken by an amateur, so I volunteered to undertake the mission myself.
We arranged for safe passage through Honora and set sail for Carnutes without issue. As soon as we arrived I immediately demanded an audience with their leaders.
I didn't want to waste any time talking with people whom I felt weren't interested saving the planet. I immediately demanded that they stop exporting deistones to Divitiae. They told me they could not comply and so I challenged them to a duel, the winner of which will have their way and we can avoid further conflict.
"I accept." Came a voice from the back. A woman in a red dress stepped forward. "I am Attonita Ignis and I accept your challenge."
I nodded my approval and we made our way to the local arena. She made no change of clothes and armed herself with a simple dagger. This seemed a little foolish to me, but if she was going to rely on her reflexes to stay alive I felt it best to match her. I took a moment to remove my armour before the fight, leaving me in my inquisitoral robes.
My plan was simply to grab her wrist, disabling her use of the dagger, while simultaneously grabbing her throat and choking her until she either conceded or passed out. I didn't see a need to kill her, at least not at first.

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She ran a me with an impressive speed, though I should have though it odd that she would strike high. I moved in to grab her wrist and my hand passed through hers. An illusion? I hadn't anticipated that. She had in fact slipped past my legs and stabbed me in the thigh. I fell to the floor and convulsed. Her blade was imbued with a powerful electrical attack. I was stuck on the ground for a good ten seconds at least, more than enough time for her to finish me off. But her blow had also severed my femoral artery. She must have thought that was enough to kill me.
The location of the wound took my mind back to when Able had skinned his knee, he couldn't have been older than five or six at the time. I really wanted to help him, to heal his pain, but I wanted him to learn that the use of magic isn't just a quick fix to all of your problems. Of course I was undermined by someone else who applied ice to his would to numb the pain.
This memory helped me heal my wound while I was paralysed. Once the paralysis had worn off I brought myself up to one knee and looked once more at my opponent. She had such a smirk on her face. She was still expecting me to keel over dead, but as i rose to my feet once more her face changed to a more determined expression. She was unsettled, this was good as it makes certain types of magic harder to cast. 
Illusion magic is difficult to fight, but she had far from mastered it. She had anticipated an attack from me and left a decoy, I took a moment to concentrate and she didn't have time to close in on me before the decoy wore off. Apparently realising that I knew where she was, she stopped and changed her strategy. 
She blinked, darting past me at nearly the speed of light, leaving a deep gash in my abdomen, she didn't have the ability to paralyse me again. That spell is very high level and hard to cast more than once a day. But I noticed this time, whenever she casts a spell she grins just beforehand. I locked eyes with her once more and as soon as I spotted that grin again I started to swing with both fists. My left hand caught her in the chest breaking a couple ribs.

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She struck the floor hard and I knew I had to finish her while I could. I hit her with a fire spell, scorching the ground around her. As the flame abated i saw she was uninjured. She was a fire-kin as well? I couldn't believe it, even her clothes were immune to my spell. She blinked way once more before I could grab her and she appeared clutching her wound. She raised her hands above her head and unleashed a fire spell of her own arching through the air and bathing me in flame.
She knew I had a reputation as the most powerful pyromancer alive, but i guess she felt she had to try her luck with it as nothing else had worked. I found the spell quite refreshing, as a fire-kin nothing beats the heat of a fire. I took the moment to heal the wound in my abdomen.

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When she stopped it was clear that unfortunately my clothes had not fared as well as hers. I stood there naked in front of our audience. I wasn't phased at first, but after a few moments of silence the mutterings of the audience started and some even burst out with laughter. Looking back at my opponent she still had one hand holding her side, but the other was clasped over her much as she blushed, she was even more embarrassed than me, having caused the situation. As the moments passed the scene grew more and more awkward and it looked as though we wouldn't be able to continue like this.
She asked for a stay of battle for one day and I agreed. Though I was fine with continuing, but the people of Carnutes seemed to be quite uncomfortable with nudity, whereas in Plattice most of us train in the nude.
Regardless, the evening proved an opportunity for diplomacy, though my embarrassment returned as I found I was unaccustomed to their spicy food. 
We were able to come to an agreement, although they were not able to stop the export of deistones via their port they provided me with valuable information which was satisfactory for my mission, at least in the short term. Attonita later joined us, I could tell that someone had tended to her wounds and she was almost fully recovered. I asked why her clothes hadn't burned when we fought and she said her dress was made form the petals of temper blossoms. Music had started up and she said she'd make me some new robes out of it in exchange for a dance. This was certainly a deal I wouldn't refuse, I found it very respectable that she held no ill will after our fight.
This mission was riddled with surprises for me, that I had one of the best evenings I've had for a long time was one of them.

Inquisitor Thaddeus Octus of the Socra Inquisition