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Players build a deck of cards and duel against their opponent's deck. Players are champions attempting to reduce their opponent's life total to zero. The first player to reduce the opponent's champion to zero or otherwise destroy the opponent's champion card is the winner.


First off, the game has a deck construction element to it, which is done before to the actual game by choosing what cards are included in a deck. This must include 1 champion card, no more, no less and 50 other cards of the players choice, although a player cannot have more than 3 copies of any card.The game has four major factions, all of which use champion, cast and reaction cards, besides that each faction has their own special types of cards they can use:

The Meritus uses equipment cards (such as swords and shields) and equipping these cards allows their champion to use them as an extension of his/herself.

The Sortis has enchantments which have over time effects and they also have spell cast cards.

The Divitiae have construct and upgrade cards so they can build machines and improve them.

Diogeni have creature, plant and force of nature cards to gain bonus resources and grow stronger over the course of the game.Players gain resources and draw cards from their deck to determine what they can play each turn.


Many cards have bonus conditions or options which allow for advanced strategies. There is a good list of game mechanics, including a mechanic called "the conflict" which lets players respond to each others action and allows more skilled players the opportunity to pull ahead while remaining easy enough for new players to learn.


Though the game is intended for a two-player duel, there is room to allow more players to play.

4 x copies of Conflict of Dreams Box Set

SKU: 4xCoD
  • Each box contains 204 playing cards, 8 instructional cards and 4 champion health trackers with 72 chits!


    Conflict of Dreams is a Trading Card Game (TCG) that you can enjoy with friends.
    Wield weapons, cast spells, use machines and summon creatures to dominate your opponents. 

    This game has a heavy focus on play and counter-play, giving players a large number of options and versatility.

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